Creative Case NORTH 2012-15: A Review

For many the value of Creative Case NORTH events and projects has been in their ability to demonstrate approaches to the creative case, to demonstrate vocabularies and ways of working together, artists with curators, director and organisations, in different settings, and to interrogate those rather than simply accept them.  This has helped generate the ability to change – to work differently in future, despite limitations on this such as funding and organisational cultures.”

Mark Robinson, Thinking Practice
Creative Case NORTH 2012-2015: A Review (2015)

In 2015 Creative Case NORTH commissioned an independent review to identify themes and achievements, and inform planning for future activity.  The review was completed by Mark Robinson from Thinking Practice, and is available to download:

Creative Case NORTH 2012 – 2015: A Review – Executive Summary

Creative Case NORTH 2012 – 2015: A Review – Full Report