Creative Case NORTH is a consortium of North Area arts and cultural organisations and individuals, committed to developing and championing the conversation on diversity and equality in the North of England.

Creative Case NORTH creates opportunities for sector colleagues to discuss, debate, explore and exchange approaches to Arts Council England’s Creative Case for Diversity.

Creative Case NORTH is unique on a national level.  Our strength lies in the artists, practitioners and organisations committed to developing and sharing practice.

“Creative Case NORTH is a nationally unique consortium of arts and cultural organisations across the area. At the Arts Council we have been delighted to invest in the consortium over the last few years to help it deliver a range of activities to support the sector in the North to engage with the Creative Case.

The consortium has shown the value of a community of cross-discipline professionals working together to create opportunities for dialogue and action in support of the diversification of arts and culture throughout the North.” 

Sarah Maxfield, North Area Director, Arts Council England

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